Authentic Pictures for an authentic Wedding

Our Photo Studio offers a service for weddings and every other kind of ceremony in San Gimignano, Chianti, Siena, Florence and all of Tuscany (Italy).
We will make your wedding an everlasting memory simply and naturally, without artificial effects. We use shading and filtering techniques that preserve the natural qualities of the wedding couple and their guests.


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Immortalizing one of the best days of our life is certainly important.

We at Foto Fontanelli have been carrying out wedding photography services since 1928 and we are distinguished by a complete and quality service at market prices. We are well familiar with the Tuscan landscape, the various locations where weddings are celebrated and we know how to recognize the tastes and needs of customers quickly and effectively.

Relying on us is like having one less thought.

How our wedding photography service works

After having agreed on the requested service, we will carry out an inspection and listen to the needs and requests of the spouses, which may include the presence of more photographers or special requests for photos of the ceremony or the shoot dedicated to the newlyweds. Whatever your needs, even the particular ones, will all be taken into consideration.

Upon request, we realise videos of the events.

On request, it is of course possible to receive only digital images or albums with printed photos.

Our Wedding Photographer Pricing

The cost of the service depends on various aspects that we will take into consideration….such as the duration, the distance of the place of the event from our business or the number of guests. Write to our email describing your requests or, if you prefer, go directly to our shop to meet us in person and we will provide you our best estimate.



FAQ about our wedding photo service:

Do you provide high resolution files at the end of the service?
We provide a DVD and/or a pendrive with high resolution JPEG format files.

How many photographers will be present at the wedding?
Unless otherwise requested by the couple there will be one photographer. When the needs of the couple require more, we can offer two photographers.
Do you have any limits as to time of day?
No limits. We can arrive whenever you want. If the presence of the photographer is foreseen to be more than 3 to 3 1/2 hours for the ceremony and more than 5 or 6 hours for the entire wedding including the banquet, we will be need to adjust the cost together with the couple.
How many pictures do you furnish at the end of the photo service?
There is no pre-established number. We will provide the photos you wish and we agree on together before the ceremony without paying attention to their number.
Can you provide the service without the obligation of an album?
Certainly. If you prefer to have only the high resolution digital photos, we can do that with the corresponding savings. No problem.


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