The story of the Fontanelli Photography Shop has its beginnings in the 1920’s. The three Fontanelli brothers begun their work on the streets of San Gimignano, taking photos of day to day living and landscapes. In their shop which is right in the historical centre of San Gimignano, the three brothers specialized in portrait photography and printing in black and white with detailed finishing touches. During the 50’s the studio was dedicated to Industrial Photography and it was the first in Tuscany to take on the new technique of colour photography.

Because of this Fontanelli became well known and appreciated for their work as true artists in photography, first in black and white and immediately after in colour. Today, in the wake of the great increase in tourism in Tuscan, the shop is now engaged in providing photographic assistance to tourists and is involved in producing artistic publication, posters and guide books edited entirely by Fontanelli, in addition to a vast range of postcards and panoramic photographs. Fontanelli boasts of almost a hundred years of experience in still life photography, weddings baptisms and other social events.